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Tint Documentation Tools

The source to all of the Tint documentation is written in XML; the convention is to name the files with an extension of tml. One or more tml files get imported into a pdb file using pdbimport. The pdb file can then be used to generate info or html format using pdb2info and pdb2html.

I have mixed feelings about Tint having its own documentation format. The advantage is that it exercises Tint and the XML library. The disadvantage is that it is yet another format which doesn't add any value to any of the existing formats. I probably should have used texinfo and upgraded makeinfo to generate a seperate html file for every node. One day, maybe I will do that and convert the Tint documentation to texinfo. Another possibility was to use Docbook, but that was very complex and I could not find any tools to generate info files.

tml tml file format

pdbimport Importing tml files

pdb2info Generating an info file

pdb2html Generating html

pdbexport Exporting