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4 August 2004: release 0.18 of tintware. Carp regular expressions are now unicode; the subject can be UTF8, UTF16, or any single byte character set which can be mapped to UTF16. Tint Emacs has better support for Mac OS X, including 10.3. Setup for Microsoft Windows has been improved.

26 October 2003: release 0.17 of Tintware. Linux is now supported again, though only in a terminal. Unicode is now partially supported including UTF16 and UTF8. Modifier press and release are now supported; there is now rudimentary support for using C-Tab to switch between buffers much in the same way that M-Tab (Alt-Tab) can be used to switch between applications on Microsoft Windows. Support for unicode regular expressions will be added in the next release.

17 February 2003: release 0.16 of Tintware. Tint Emacs has dialog support on Mac OS X as well as Windows. A query-replace dialog has been added.

6 January 2003: release 0.15 of Tintware. Tint Emacs now supports Mac OS X in addition to Darwin. On Windows, there are now dialogs for some features: buffer properties, emacs options, and searching. Multiple frames are supported.

24 July 2002: release 0.14 of Tintware. Tint Emacs is moving towards greater compatibility with Gnu Emacs. A number of new features have been added including tags tables (using etags), a Tint interaction mode, as well as most of the basic Gnu Emacs editing commands. The documentation on Tint Emacs has been enhanced. An (OLE) Automation client has been added (Win32 only). Tint can now create and manipulate the objects exposed by applications and libraries like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, ADO,and MSXML. The documentation tools used by Tint are now included in the install and documented. Finally, part of the TRAC T2001 programming language is supported, including a TRAC interaction mode in Tint Emacs.

14 December 2001: release 0.11 of Tintware. Darwin is now supported. The menus in Tint Emacs have been fixed so they work on Windows NT 4.0 and earlier. A number of bugs have been fixed as well.

28 November 2001: release 0.10 of Tintware. Tint Emacs now has menus; hopefully, this will make it easier for people new to emacs type editors. Documentation now fully covers programming in Tint.

23 October 2001: release 0.9 of Tintware. A regular expression library called Carp has been added. This can be used in Tint and Tint Emacs, as well as other programs. Tint Emacs now includes support for recursive minibuffers. Note that the 0.8 non-debug install was missing wemacs.exe, so the start menu item didn't work. This has been corrected.

8 August 2001: new release of Tintware; I bumped the version number to 0.8 to more accurately reflect the state of the package. I have been using Tint Emacs as my only text editor on Windows NT and Windows 2000 for the past couple of years. This release includes an install program for Windows and full XML-RPC support, including documentation.